A Critical Review of the Narrative Techniques in Ije – The Journey

International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 1, November 2018.
ISSN: 2026 – 6286

Ola-Koyi, S. Joseph Bankola and Jacob A. Oluwafemi

To debunk the previously held view in some quarters that African films are not up to the standard, an attempt is made in this paper to identify and use the established principles of narrative construction in analysing the film Ije – the Journey, a Nigerian film of Igbo extraction. In carrying out this mission, the reviewer used formalism and related narrative theories in dissecting both the story and the structural techniques featured in this movie. In other words, basic principles of narrative construction are deployed to decode the story in this narrative and come up with analytical facts in determining whether the structural set up of this African/Nigerian film is in line with the established standard of narrative construction. At the end of this critical evaluation, the reviewer is able to showcase the creative and effective deployment of some of these principles in Ije. Consequently, from his findings, the reviewer is able to prove the fact that some Nigerian films are up to any given international standard in terms of narrative structure.

Keywords: Narrative. Techniques, principle, structure

Edioms: Research and publication services

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