Folklore as a Resource for Cultural Preservation in Nollywood: An Exploration of Bokwaghfan and Inale

International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 2, December 2018.
ISSN: 2026 – 6286

Ukuma, Teryila Shadrach

This paper underscores the urgency of cultural preservation and propagation through Nollywood using indigenous folklores as resource materials in order to enhance purity of content preserved and popularised. The basic idea is that folklores are pure containers and carriers of cultural heritages and can therefore offer richly useful material for the task of preserving cultures. Especially where care is taken not to adulterate content for aesthetic purposes and other concerns, folklores, which in themselves are a product of culture, present the most original form of the people’s cultural expression and can therefore ensure that the correct and ideal tinge of culture is preserved and propagated. This paper draws on Nollywood’s expression of Inale, an Idoma folklore produced into a film, and Bokwaghfan, a filmic adaptation of the satiric and comic manifestations of Botwev, a Tiv legend. The two films are taken from the dominant cultures of Benue State. Also unique is the fact that Inale is rendered in English, while Bokwaghfan is rendered in Tiv with English subtitling, thus offering an insight into the consequences of the medium of cultural expression. The paper unveils the various aspects of the Tiv and Idoma cultures that have been carefully preserved through these filmic experiences and concludes that Nollywood with its great potential can rely on the folklores of the people to preserve and propagate their cultures in the purest form.

Keywords: Folklore, Nollywood, Culture, Resource, Preservation, Propagation

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