International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 1

International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 1, November 2018.
ISSN: 2026 – 6286


Towards Improved Inclusion of Women and Girls with Disabilities in the Development Agenda in Nigeria

Geographical Access to Healthcare Services in Nigeria – A Review

The Place of the Autonomous Community in African Traditional Polity

Forced Freedom and the Common Good: A Critique of Rousseau’s General Will

Creating Visibility for Women Issues: Reflections from Emmy Idegu’s Six and Half a Dozen

The Implication of Reason in Natural Law on Students’ Unionism in Nigeria

Utilitarianism and Deontologism As Moral Cynosures for Leadership: An Examination

Integrative Humanism, Hegelianism and Inter-Personal Relationships

Doctor-patient Communicative Interaction: The Relationship between Communication Styles and Patient Satisfaction

A Critical Review of the Narrative Techniques in Ije – The Journey

Betwixt and between Theatre Arts ‘Directing Course’ in the Trajectory of Rethinking the Nigerian Identity on Screen 

Resonances of Osofisan’s Women of Owu: A Postmodernist Approach

Integrating Africa Indigenous Folklore into Drama-in-Education Pedagogy for Cultural Development and Transmission in Nigerian Primary Schools Curriculum

Complex  Predicates in Ngwa-Igbo

Integration and Implementation of Economic Diversification Policies in Nigeria’s Development Plans: Media and Communication Imperatives

Coverage of the Contributions of Women to the Nigerian Economy: Analysis of Vanguard, Punch, the Guardian Newspapers

Managing Globalisation and its Impact on the African Performing Arts and Culture Industry

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