International Journal of Integrative Humanism

International Journal of Integrative Humanism  ISSN:  2026 – 6286

Journal of Integrative Humanism is a multidisciplinary academic journal that publishes well-researched articles that approach topical issues bothering humanity from an integrativist perspective, taking cognizance of the various dimensions of reality.

It publishes reviews and research on topical issues from diverse disciplines including Philosophy, Religion, Linguistics, Theater/Media Studies, Oceanography, Political Science, and Education. 

Some of the topical issues addressed are the nature of metaphysics in Integrative Humanism (a contemporary school of philosophy), philosophy, environment education, social change, terrorism and health. 

The Journal of Integrative Humanism is a publication of the Faculty of Arts, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. All papers, reports, communications and contributions published in this journal and copyright in the same are the property of Faculty of Arts, University of Cape Coast, Ghana and the University of Calabar, Nigeria, except otherwise indicated.

The editors are not responsible for statements or opinions expressed in the articles published in this journal.

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