Submission Guidelines

Edioms Research and Innovation Centre (E-RIC) is a benchmark in research, career and innovation services within African and beyond. We publish a wide range of academic books and journals with cutting-edge research in topical areas across
various disciplines.


We welcome submission of original research articles for publication in the Journal of Integrative Humanism. This is a multidisciplinary academic journal that publishes well-researched articles that approach topical issues bothering humanity from an integrativist perspective, taking cognizance of the many dimensionalities of reality. In addition to providing an intellectual platform for far-reaching engagement in the fields of art and humanities, Journal of Integrative Humanism offers a reference frame for cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in these fields.


We publish biannually and featured articles will include topics in Philosophy, Religion, Linguistics, Theater/Media Studies, Oceanography, Political Science, Social Change, Health, Education, Science and Technology. Papers can be conceptual in nature or based on empirical studies. We also welcome well-thought out mini and full literature reviews, case studies, and practice articles.


All submitted articles will be thoroughly evaluated by our eminent editorial and advisory board and then reviewed by our international team of anonymous expert peer reviewers. Only papers that meet a high standard of originality, local and global relevance and depth of research will be published.


Submission Guidelines

  • Language and style: Please note that language for an article and supplementary information is British English. Single quotation mark should also be used throughout.
  • Format/Submission: Articles must be submitted to [email protected] in MS Word or PDF format.
  • Length: Word limit for a standard research article is 9000 words, mini review 5000 words, full review 7000, and commentaries 3000 words. This includes references and other supporting information.
  • Reference: Ensure consistency in citation and referencing. Harvard referencing style is preferable.
  • Title: Provide title of work capitalising each word.
  • Author(s): Kindly list author(s) with last name and initials separating each with a comma if more than one. Indicate the corresponding authors by underlining.
  • Affiliation: Please list author(s) affiliation using digits in the following order: Department, Faculty, School or College (if a university), City and Country.
  • Abstract: Abstract should be maximum 200 words, containing motivation, aim/objectives, methodology, results and implication of results.
  • Keywords: Provide five (5) keywords that clearly capture the essence of the research.
  • Funding and disclosure: Ensure you supply detail information of organisation(s) that provided fund or grant for the research. Also, declare any financial interest related to the research and its use.
  • Additional information: images, tables, equations, and plots should be clear and properly referenced. Permission should be sought and obtained for third-party materials used.

Prospective authors/contributors with queries or in need for more information should kindly send an email to [email protected].

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