HIKIMA: Journal of Multidisciplinary Discourses Vol. 2 No. 1

HIKIMA Vol. 2 No. 1, January 2019


The Language of Insurgency in Newspaper Reportage: A Study of Selected Newspaper Reports on Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger And Chad

Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of the Inscriptions on the Motor-vehicles and Signboards             

Trends of Child Labour and Trafficking In Imo State Of Nigeria: Decadence, An Old Wine In A New Wineskin          

Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: A Study of The South-South Region of Nigeria

The Experiences of Colonialism and Its Impacts on African Identity

Effective and Functional Education from The Perspective of Pragmatism and Existentialism

John Rawls Theory of Social Justice and The Issue of Restructuring In Nigeria

Philosophical Meditations of Feminists’ Quest for Equality in A Global Constitutional Democracy: An African Colloquy               

Epistemological Foundation of Socio-Economic Development: An Essencist Examination of The Nigerian Political Strategy

Good Leadership and Governance in Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria

Effects of Proliferation of Churches in Nigeria: The Pentecostal Experience

Galvanizing the Youths for Peace and Security in Nigeria

Women Education as A Tool for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Gendering Merchants of Death: Boko Haram and Female Suicide Bombers in Nigeria

Corruption and Biblical Response in Africa: Appraising the Challenges and Charting the Way Forward

Fiscal Federalism and Local Government Fiscal Autonomy: Implications for Service Delivery in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State   

The Need for Cultural Revival and Maintenance among Jukun Youths

Insurgency: A Challenge to Christian Higher Education in North Eastern Nigeria

Islamic Ethics and Happy Life: A Philosophical Appraisal

Edioms: Research and publication services

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