Re-Orientation: A Psychic Fight against Corruption and Other Social Ills in Nigeria

International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 2, December 2018.
ISSN: 2026 – 6286

Ekeopara Solomon Chinedu

Many approaches have been employed by successive governments in Nigeria to check corruption in public service, more especially among political office holders. However, experiences over the years have shown that instead of this phenomenon reducing in strength and scale, its proclivity has rather soared to assuming the dimension of an institution with attendant security, socio-economic and developmental consequences to the country. This paper examines some of these approaches with a view to showing reasons for their ineffectiveness in handling corruption and its proclivities. In its place, the paper believes that adequate programmes aimed at re-orientating the citizen’s psyche towards the ills of corruption through Civic Education, Moral Education, Public Enlightenment, Grass-root Campaign Programme and Provision of Enabling Environment for citizens, would give rise to deep personal conviction and bring internal restraint to corruption and its pressure and proclivity. It assigns the role of re-orientation to appropriate government ministries, departments, agencies (MDAS), non-governmental organizations and social media, religious and traditional institutions. The paper highlights the capabilities of raising consciousness through re-orientating the psyche of the citizenry on the implication of corruption, as an adequate policy programme and a more effective alternative for addressing the phenomenon. It attempts to draw a symbiotic relationship between mind perception and the direction of the subject’s attitude or action and argues in line with the ecclesiastical conception of thought-action interplay nature of man, that “as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.” The theoretical assumption of this article anchors on the philosophical views that people tend to commit evil and illegal acts or take to immoral behaviour owing either to ignorance or lack of deep personal conviction of what amounts to right or wrong (Socrates), or due to misapplication of human ambivalence (Asouzu) or both. Thus, this article introduces a psychic fight against corruption. It re-emphasizes the role of proper enlightenment (through re-orientation) in reforming character and bringing attitudinal change and its capability to assist in addressing large-scale corruption in the
Nigerian society.

Keywords: Nigeria, Corruption, Consciousness-Raising, Re-Orientation, Psyche.

Edioms: Research and publication services

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