The Roles of The Five American Presidents in The Vietnam War: A Case of Misperception

International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 2, December 2018.
ISSN: 2026 – 6286

M. A. Chigbo

The article focuses on the U.S. – Vietnam War that lasted for twenty years. It examines specifically the attitudes of the five different presidents that were involved in the conflict. Above all, it identifies the role of misperception and misinformation in the course of the crisis. The paper concludes by arguing that the U.S. Presidents did not act because they perceived the situation correctly otherwise they would have achieved a decisive victory from the onset. It also opines that misperception is politically and militarily dangerous. Above all, the paper shows how marginal the idiosyncratic variable played in determining the outcome of events throughout the war.

Keywords: Vietnam War, misperception, America.

Edioms: Research and publication services

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