Wish Fulfilment in Dreams: The Freudian Perspective in Razinat Mohammed’s A Love Like A Woman’s

International Journal of Integrative Humanism Vol. 10 No. 2, December 2018.
ISSN: 2026 – 6286

Adekunle Mamudu

Central to Sigmund Freud’s work on psychoanalysis is the interpretation of dreams. His claim is that dreams are actualisations of suppressed wishes which the human being could not realise in the real world. Razinat Mohammed dramatises Freud’s beliefs in her short stories, showing the human penchant for self-realization in the face of suppression by socio-cultural forces, expressed only through dreams. This essay, therefore, examines Mohammed’s application of dreams to show the inner mind and the genuine desire of the suppressed and subjugated female character in some of her stories in line with Sigmund Freud’s work in psychoanalysis. The three short stories examined in this essay are “Something to Live For,” “Sterile Water” and “Laila.” In these stories, which are found in her collection of short stories entitled A Love Like a Woman’s and Other Stories, the female characters are ensnared by the culture of their environments in settings that depict undying traditions that hold women in the bondage of repression and second-class statuses. The essay finds that the deep yearnings of the female characters to be free, which, unfortunately, society forbids them to achieve is manifested in their dreams.

Keywords: Wish fulfilment, Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Suppressed Desires, Culture.

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